Is Your Historic Property in Need of Repairs?

Reach out to a historic restoration contractor in New Bedford, MA

Massachusetts is full of historical homes, but not every contractor knows how to repair them properly. If your historic home is in need of repairs, reach out to Anchor Residential Services LLC. Our licensed historic restoration contractor has the expertise needed to repair older homes while preserving their original architectural design elements.

Contact our licensed historic restoration contractor today to schedule repairs for your New Bedford, MA area home.

Your home will be in good hands with us

Your home will be in good hands with us

We understand the importance of preserving a historic home's original appearance. Whether your home has personal value, historical value or both, it will be in good hands when you entrust it to our historic restoration contractor. When you schedule a restoration from Anchor Residential Services, you'll be working with a contractor that:

  • Uses only quality materials
  • Can draw on years of experience
  • Will take pains to preserve your home's historic look

Give us a call right now at 502-525-6502 to speak with a historic restoration contractor about your needs.